Mobile Garden Club

I’m excited to introduce “The Mobile Garden Club”, a new division of A Woman’s Touch. The “Club” is a therapeutic garden activity program that typically lasts for one hour and the frequency is as desired.  As with all of the services I offer, I am an independent contractor and I custom design the program to fit your budget and the abilities of your participants.

Mobile Garden Club

The focus of the program:
Sharing experiences is a means of affirmation and social reward.
Listening gives voice, purpose, importance to the person, their opinions and their experiences.
Nurturing and experiencing success empowers a feeling of self worth.
Making decisions creates independence and value.
Responsibility and obligations gives life meaning and purpose.

During our activity, we plant, tend our gardens and have the opportunity to make crafts and gifts from the items we ve grown. It s fun and there is a lot of variety, as each season brings new plants and themes to work with. We share our gardening experiences and talk about the plants we re growing, seasonal flowers, give home remedies for disease and pests, choose future projects, etc. The social rewards are as important as the activity itself!

We can make raised planter beds for people in wheel chairs and indoor garden projects for people who might not easily be able to go outside and tend a traditional garden.

Some examples of projects:

  • Grow ingredients for food such as herbs, veggies and fruits
  • Have a sensory class using plants
  • Make garden decor to decorate the gardens we build
  • Decoupage with flowers we ve grown and dried
  • Decorate pots for container plantings
    - For the safety of our participants, we can use non-toxic materials.

I personally have seen the wonderful therapeutic benefits of gardening and in a health care setting, we have the opportunity to bring the healing energy of nature to people who will benefit from this type of specialty program. The program is currently ongoing at Senior Concerns, an adult day center here in Thousand Oaks ( and I would love to meet with you to discuss how the Mobile Garden Club can become a part of your community!


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