Garden Design Packages

Package: A $250 (tax included)

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May include:

  • Table top fountain
  • Statue
  • Flower arrangement

Garden décor ideas:

  • Potting soil
  • Plant pot
  • Lighting
  • Candle
  • Candle holder
  • Aromatherapy diffuser
  • Inspirational keepsake
  • Etc.

Design Suggestions:

  • Indoor or outdoor table top sanctuary/shrine as shown in picture: Fountain or statue, 1 wax candle and it’s holder, candles can also be battery or plug in, or one Moroccan style light (shown), diffuser, table top flower arrangement.
  • Centerpiece can be a traditional silk flower arrangement or cherub style fountain, candle and holder, diffuser, Hummingbird cross and memorial keepsake such as a picture.


  • Included in the package price is a complete design and installation using materials whos total retail value equals the full package price, including sales tax and my labor of 25%.
  • Additional work such as irrigation, electrical etc. are not included.
  • Products within their specific theme should be inventory typically found year round in the nursery. If a substitution is necessary, we will provide products of equal value.
  • This picture is an example only of the design package offered. Styles of fountains and species of plants can vary according to client preference and seasonal availability. Designs can have themes such as sun or shade, succulent, Mediterranean, tropical, etc.



Package “A” Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Shrine Sample Display

It’s a simple, yet beautiful way to create your own sanctuary or memorial

  • 1- Statue Quan Yin
  • 1- Live Orchid flower arrangement
  • 1- Moroccan light
  • 1- Aromatherapy diffuser

Personal keepsake such as a framed photograph can be added.

Design variation: The flower arrangement can be replaced with a single Orchid, live or silk, with a 4” pot and another décor item can be added.


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